Wolterstorff, Nicholas Paul

Wolterstorff, Nicholas Paul
   A versatile Christian philosopher from a Calvinist tradition, Wolterstorff taught at Calvin College for thirty years before moving to Yale Divinity School in 1989. Wolterstorff has published in a number of areas including metaphysics (On Universals, 1970), aesthetics (Art in Action, 1980), political philosophy (Until Justice and Peace Embrace, 1983) and hermeneutics (Divine Discourse, 1995). Arguably his greatest influence has been in Reformed epistemology and his important historical work supporting it. Wolterstorff developed his epistemological views in Reason within the Bounds of Religion (1976), in which he argued that Christian beliefs can rationally serve as control beliefs in the formation and evaluation of theories across disciplines. Wolterstorff's historical work on John Locke has highlighted that philosopher's epistemology of entitlement, which shaped the development of classical foundationalism. Further, part of his Gifford Lectures (1995) was developed into Thomas Reid and the Story of Epistemology (2001), an important study of the founder of Scottish 'common-sense' philosophy.
   Further reading: Sloane 2003; Wolterstorff 1976, 1995, 1996 and 2001

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